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Notarial Services

Important! Effective immediately, the US Embassy, Consulates General and American Presence Posts are unable to accept credit cards for any service until further notice.  For consular services rendered at the Embassy, payment must be in the form of cash USD, cash EURO or French money order mandat cash.  Non-immigrant visa Machine Readable Visa application fees services continue to be paid by mandat compte. We hope to be able to reinstate payment by credit as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.


U.S. Citizens who need documents for use in the U.S. or in France, and foreign citizens who need documents for use in the U.S.:

Every person signing a document to be notarized must  schedule an online appointment.  Several persons’ names may be entered on the appointment form at the same date and time (witnesses, co-signers).  

I would like to:

Important Note:

Ensure that you understand the contents of the document. A Consular Officer cannot explain it to you. Please bring your documents fully completed, without any missing pages, assembled and ready for notarization.  Bring instructions from the end user in the state of jurisdiction. The Embassy cannot assemble your documents for you or provide legal advice on their preparation.   If your documents are not ready for signature, you may be asked to make a new appointment.

Notarial documents must be hand-carried to the Embassy at the time of the notarial appointment and not sent in advance unless you are expressly requested to do so by Embassy personnel.    We assume no responsibility for the safeguarding of clients’ personal notarial documents.  Thank you for your understanding.

Accessing Consular Waiting Room

  • Embassy Access

Embassy Security

  • Embassy Security

    Embassy Consular Waiting Room Access: Only persons seeking consular services and whose names are on the daily access list will be admitted to the Embassy. Read more here.