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Visas for Children

Children's Passports and Visas

Each person traveling, regardless of their age, must have a travel document.

Requirements for children traveling to the US for tourism:

  • Each child traveling must have an individual valid passport OR a visa.
  • If a child is a national of a visa waiver country, and has a qualifying machine-readable passport or a biometric passport, he or she does not require an additional visa for tourist travel.
  • If a child is traveling with a parent, and is included in their passport, the child must have an individual visa even for tourist travel.

There is no waiver of the visa requirement based on the age of a child.

Requirements for children traveling to the US for purpose other than tourism:

The child is required to apply for the appropriate visa category.  Visa waiver travel is not possible.

Visa Issuance Process

  • Individual applications must be submitted for each visa required.
  • The US Embassy in Paris is the only location in France where visa interviews are scheduled.
  • Children 14 and older must appear in Paris for an interview.
  • For children under 14, applications may be processed by mail.  For more information about applying by mail, click here.