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Key Officers

Key Embassy Officers



Mission Officers


  • Minister Counselor for Management: Barbara S. Aycock
  • Minister Counselor for Agricultural Affairs: David Salmon
  • Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs: Reg Miller
  • Minister Counselor for Consular Affairs/Consul General: Daniel E. Goodspeed
  • Minister Counselor for Economic-Environment, Science, Technology and Health Affairs: James Heg
  • Department of Energy Attaché: Jess Bahnak
  • Counselor for Economic Affairs: Michael Keller
  • Minister Counselor for Political Affairs: Richard A. Holtzapple
  • Minister Counselor for Public Affairs: Philip Frayne
  • Defense Attaché: Colonel Brendan B McAloon
  • Office of Defense Cooperation: Colonel John W. Kennedy, Chief ODC, Director Joint and Army Affairs
  • Internal Revenue Service: Tina B. Masuda
  • NASA European Representative, Space Attaché: Gilbert Kirkham
  • Head, N.S.F. Europe Office: Carmen Huber
  • Consulate General Marseille: On transition
  • Consulate General Strasbourg: Amy Westling
  • APP Bordeaux: Thomas W. Wolf
  • APP Lyon: Clayton M. Stanger
  • APP Rennes: Tashawna S. Bethea
  • APP Toulouse: Rachel Schneller