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Poster "Nos Engagements"

At the invitation of Ambassador Rivkin and as part of the Paris Hip Hop festival, Black Eyed Peas lead singer participated in two youth outreach programs in the underserved community of Paris’ 20th district while in Paris to perform three concerts at the Stadium of France. The first event offered the opportunity for informal interaction, moderated by the Ambassador, with 60 young people (ages 18-25) from Paris’ 20th district Youth Council, as well as street artists, hip hop dancers, and local NGO leaders.  Then launched the “Nos engagements” (our commitments) festival consisting of an afternoon of hip hop performances organized by the local Youth Council and the Paris Hip Hop Festival to engage local young people in promoting citizenship and civic engagement. This high level visit provided a perfect opportunity to project a positive image of the United States and to widen the Embassy’s interactions with the French population to include new contacts in a rising generation of leaders.