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Treaty Trader/Investor

E Visa Renewals

E Visa Renewals

If you have previously been issued an E visa and would like to renew it, you may take advantage of a new truncated application procedure. In order to use this procedure, you must be working for the same company through whom you were originally issued the E visa.

E-1 or E-2 Visa Renewal Procedure

If you believe you qualify for an E-2 visa, you must first register and pay the application fee(s) through the online appointment system.  

Applications must be submitted in a folder divided into sections clearly separated by lettered or numbered tabs. Please only submit additional documents if they are absolutely integral to the application. A cover letter from the applicant's representative may be included outside the folder.

Tab A or 1

For principal applicant(s) and dependent family member(s): DS-160 confirmation page with a suitable photo generated by the online system.

Tab B or 2

For principal applicant(s) and dependent family member(s): Photocopy of data (photo) page of passport. This tab should also include photocopies of the applicant's prior US visas, as applicable.

Tab C or 3

DS-156E, Parts I - III. Contact information must include an e-mail address.

Tab D or 4

Proof that the enterprise is still operating, including copies of latest year's US tax returns.

Tab E or 5

Statement by the Human Resource Director that the employee is currently employed in the position described on the accompanying DS-156E.  In the case of an essential services employee, confirmation by the HR Director that such employee’s services are still essential to the enterprise.

Tab F or 6

The applicant's resumé or CV, including photocopies of all relevant diplomas.

Tab G or 7

G-28 "Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative" (as appropriate), including contact e-mail address and phone number.

 All written material should be submitted by mail (courier service preferred) to:

Consular Section Office of Visa Services
Attention: Treaty Visa Officer
18 avenue Gabriel
75008 Paris, FRANCE